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Akuma Bōsōzoku (Kanji: 悪魔暴走族), titled Grease for Prankies in the Saban dub, is the seventh episode of Denki Hero Roboman Chuu, it aired on April 29, 1994.

The episode is significantly different from the average Roboman episode, in that Roboman is present from the beginning, that barely any powers are used, and the surprising lack of screentime for Mako Kanehata, who only makes cameos and isn't shown interacting with anyone until the ending scene.


Roboman and Bearman discover that the Akumas have started a Bōsōzoku motorcycle gang, and the two decide to start their own, ensuing a motorcycle frenzy filled with what you would normally only find in 50's movies.



  • The back of the Star Akuma's jacket has a oldschool tattoo-styled heart that reads "MACO".
  • The reason why Mako barely appears at all in the episode is because her voice actress Tomiko Suzuki had already been casted to portray Dende in a Dragon Ball Z video game for Playdia, therefore an unknown voice actress was hired to provide Mako's voice in the episode, making noises without any actual dialog.
    • This actress was later revealed to be Sumi Shimamoto, as stated by Yukinori Yamashita on a 2020 tweet.

Cultural References

  • The episode has many references to the 1978 musical film Grease.
    • An instrumental rendition of the song "You're the One That I Want" plays at the end of the episode.
    • The waitress at the bar has similar hair and glasses to that of Jan, who was coincidentially also voiced by Eiko Yamada in the Nippon Television dub of the film.