The Akumas (Kanji: 悪魔たち) are small creatures who love to cause mischief around them. They are the main enemies of Roboman.

List of AkumasEdit

The personalities described on this page are not based on what is seen in the original 1977 anime, where all Akumas behave the same way.

Picture Description

Heartakuma 1977

Heartakuma 1994

Heartakuma 2017

Heart AkumaEdit

The Heart Akuma acts as a leader to any group of Akuma he's in.

He often is very demanding in behavior and expects fellow Akumas to do as he says, to which they agree without question.

Spadeakuma 1977

Spadeakuma 1994

Spadeakuma 2017

Spade AkumaEdit

The Spade Akuma is smart and is able to fully think things through very quickly.

However, it has a downside: the Spade Akuma tends to speak in awfully long sentences.

Clubakuma 1977

Clubakuma 1994

Clubakuma 2017

Club AkumaEdit

The Club Akuma loves to have fun more than anything.

He is often airheaded, but has an incredible luck with his attacks.

Diaakuma 1977

Diaakuma 1994

Diaakuma 2017

Diamond AkumaEdit

The Diamond Akuma is very rude and aggressive towards others.

Being a complete war machine, the Diamond Akuma has a hard time controlling himself, which results in him attacking literally anything that moves, even other Akumas.


  • The Diamond Akuma was originally turquoise in the 1977 anime, its color was changed to yellow in subsequent anime series because its former color would later correspond to the Moon Akuma.

Sunakuma 1994

Sunakuma 2017

Sun AkumaEdit

The Sun Akuma is a very bright and cheerful Akuma, he is an extrovert always willing to start the fight out right.

Staying true to its symbol and name, the Sun Akuma only attacks without its twin at daytime.

Moonakuma 1994

Moonakuma 2017

Moon AkumaEdit

The Moon Akuma is the exact opposite of the Sun Akuma, being cold and a complete introvert.

Staying true to its symbol and name, the Moon Akuma only attacks without its twin at nighttime.

Starakuma 1994

Starakuma 2017

Star AkumaEdit

The Star Akuma is a rookie in training, it is more air-headed than the other Akumas, it is goofy and doesn't fully think things through.

The Star Akuma is typically the funny and mellow Akuma who tries to remain cool - but it fails to keep his cool when scared or scolded by the Heart Akuma.

The Star Akuma has a crush on Mako, and sees Roboman more as a rival for her affections despite him having no "feelings" for her.


  • The Star Akuma was the first Akuma to be introduced in Chuu.
  • In the Saban dub of Chuu, the Star Akuma calls Mako his "sweetie Milly"

Sakuraakuma 1994

Sakuraakuma 2017

Sakura AkumaEdit

The Sakura Akuma is very seductive and has the power to shapeshift into a pretty human girl to seduce her victims.


  • The Sakura Akuma is the only Akuma to use female pronouns.

Tanukiakuma 1994

Tanukiakuma 2017

Tanuki AkumaEdit

The Tanuki Akuma looks and behaves like a tanuki in Japanese mythology.


  • The Tanuki Akuma was originally green when it first appeared as a one-time character in Chuu. It was changed to brown in subsequent anime series to fit its basis closer.


Akuma orig

Early concept of the Akumas, art by Kyōgo Yamashita.

  • The Akumas were Sadako Yamada's last anime role before her abrupt retirement in 1978 and subsequent death in 1995.
  • In the Saban dubs, they are referred to as Prankies.
  • Originally, the 1977 anime was going to feature 5 Akumas with Zener card symbols on their bodies. Yamashita eventually made it four Akumas and switched to playing card suits.
    • The Star Akuma, who was originally green, would later be recolored yellow and become a recurring Akuma in subsequent anime series.
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