Hiroshi, Fukuya and Mitsuru Moriyama (Kanji: 森山弘司・福也・満) are three of the four main characters in the Ponpoko 4-Kyoudai franchise.

They are the younger brothers of Maruo Moriyama.


Hiroshi, Fukuya and Mitsuru are three very young and somewhat chubby tanukis.

In the 2006 anime, they were almost completely naked except for bandanas and capes of their respective color.

In the 2020 anime, being now 7 years old, they wear a cap and a matching shirt, pants and shoes of their respective color. Each one of their shirts have a number on them written in daiji.


In World Tour, their personality wasn't well defined, as their personality traits often varied throughout the OVA, but as of the TV anime, their personalities have been officially defined:

Hiroshi is the most mature of the three, albeit he usually doesn't fully think things through.

Fukuya is a self-proclaimed "tough boy" who loves to have fun more than anything, and won't ever turn down a fight.

Mitsuru is the most naive of the brothers, he's generally dimwitted, curious. He can hardly keep a secret and often cries when distressed.


Maruo Moriyama

Hiroshi, Fukuya and Mitsuru view Maruo as a role model and they always try to help him with whatever they throw in his way.

Mr. Kumada

Normally, Hiroshi utterly despises Mr. Kumada, not wanting anything to do with him in any way.

When standing in front of Mr. Kumada, Fukuya is usually incapable of doing anything at all, despite considering himself a tough boy.

Out of the three brothers, Mitsuru is the most terrified of Mr. Kumada. When standing in front of him, Mitsuru doesn't do much more than cry his eyes out from fear.

Nami Kumada

In an episode from the 2006 anime, Fukuya had a crush on Mr. Kumada's daughter Nami, and would secretly get together with her to play house.

One time, however, he came late to their meeting point and found Nami playing house with another boy, leaving Fukuya heartbroken.

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