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Jungle Tanuki (Kana: ジャングルタヌキ) is a 10-minute TV anime produced by Studio XYZ and aired on TV Asahi between 2001 and 2003.


Ponmaru the Tanuki used to be owned by a wealthy little girl, but she accidentally dropped him off a private jet into the ocean during a trip to a paradise island, and he woke up on a jungle island. Now Ponmaru starts a new life on the jungle island with new animal friends.


All voice actors are represented by I'm Enterprise.

  • Rie Kugimiya as Ponmaru, the little Tanuki in the jungle.
  • Maria Yamamoto as Lessa, a red panda with a crush on Ponmaru.
  • Minoru Shiraishi as Rai-sama, the self-proclaimed king of the jungle.
  • Satoshi Mikami as Zozo, an elephant who acts like a Japanese old man.
    • Mikami also provides the opening narration in episodes before 2003.

Theme Songs

Lyrics and Composition by Tomoko Sasaki


  1. "A Fishman's Story (さかな男の物語)" by Serani Poji (2003 episodes)
  2. "Christmas on Ice (アイスクリスマス)" by Serani Poji (final episode, christmas special)
    Arrangement by Masayuki Kumahara


  1. "Fifteen Seconds (15秒)" by Serani Poji
    Composition and Arrangement by Yukihiro Fukutomi