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Kogitsune Kon to Kodanuki Pon (Kana: こぎつねコンとこだぬきポン) is a 2008 anime movie produced by Studio XYZ.

Narrated by Kōsei Tomita and based off of a famous children's story, Kogitsune Kon to Kodanuki Pon was Tatsuzō Nemoto's directorial swan song, having passed away from Nephritis on October 24, 2008.


The story of Kon, a little fox, and Pon, a raccoon dog, who live on different sides of a mountain river. Their families have never gotten along, but Kon and Pon's friendship changes everything.


Shortly after the original story is told in the movie, the movie features an afterstory that isn't advertised on any of the film's promotionals or trailers.

This afterstory takes place years after the events of the original story, where there's now a bridge where the mountain river used to be, and of course Kon and Pon are all grown up and attending the same highschool together, retaining their friendship.

A major change in their parent's mentality is that, rather than drive them apart, they now want them to be a couple. While Kon politely declines their request every time her parents bring it up, Pon's bond with Kon actually evolved into a one-sided crush on his part.


  • Satomi Kōrogi/Emi Motoi as Kon.
  • Akiko Yajima/Jun Fukuyama as Pon.
  • Roko Takizawa and Eiji Yanagisawa as Kon's parents.
  • Miho Yoshida and Takashi Taguchi as Pon's parents.
  • Hitomi Harada, Yūko Mizutani and Yūko Sanpei as Pon's younger siblings.

Theme Song

  1. "PRECIOUS" by MEG
    Lyrics by MEG
    Composition and Arrangement by Yasutaka Nakata