Kuroi Fubuki (Kanji: 黒い吹雪) was Shinada-sha's first anime feature film, it is based off of a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Tatsumi and published by Hinomaru Bunko in November 1956.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Susumu Yamaji, a twenty-four-year-old pianist, is arrested for murder and ends up handcuffed to a career criminal on the train that will take them to prison. An avalanche derails the train and the criminal takes the opportunity to escape, dragging a reluctant Susumu with him into the blizzard raging outside. They flee into the mountains to an abandoned ranger station, where they take shelter from the storm. As they sit around the fire they built, Susumu relates how love drove him to become a murderer. A cinematic adventure story, Black Blizzard uncovers an unlikely love story and an even unlikelier friendship.

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Kiyoshi Komiyama as Susumu Yamaji.
  • Kiyoshi Kawakubo as Shinpei Konta.
  • Sadako Yamada as Saeko Ozora.
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