This is a list of anime films and series that Studio XYZ cancelled during production, and the reason behind their cancellation.

1960's[edit | edit source]

Mahōtsukai Pika (1967)[edit | edit source]

A TV pilot created by Kyōgo Yamashita was pitched for TV Asahi to air in 1967.

See the page above for more information on this title.

Known Cast Members[edit | edit source]

  • Hiroko Mori as Pika.
  • Shinsuke Chikaishi as Yoshisaburō Kingetsu.
  • Sadako Yamada as Tappei.
  • Fuyumi Shiraishi as Chiyoko.

2000's[edit | edit source]

Roboman 2000 (2000)[edit | edit source]

A TV anime reboot of Denki Hero Roboman was planned for NHK to air in 2000.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Mako Kanehata is a young girl from a very wealthy family, and when she can't fight off evil alone, she calls in the powerful Roboman and the nutty Bearman, and the three work together to save the day. However, things go a lot crazier, as it's not just the Akumas anymore...

Known Cast Members[edit | edit source]

Cancellation[edit | edit source]

The series was actually greenlit by NHK and set to premiere in Summer 2000, and was intended to be the longest series in the franchise to date, lasting 52 episodes.

However, production stopped as a result of Kaneto Shiozawa, who was set to portray Dokuroemon, the series's new villain, dying of a cerebral contusion caused by an accident on May 10.

Following his death, Studio XYZ announced that the series would have Dokuroemon voiced by another seiyuu. Many fans, however, highly disapproved of this decision, as "if Shiozawa doesn't voice the new villain, no one will." This led to Roboman 2000 being cancelled, with the studio justifying its cancellation with the exact same words.

2010's[edit | edit source]

Oyasumi Punpun (2012)[edit | edit source]

An anime movie adaptation of Inio Asano's manga Oyasumi Punpun was announced by Keiji Ishii on June 2012 via Twitter.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Punpun Onodera is a normal 11-year-old boy living in Japan. Hopelessly idealistic and romantic, Punpun begins to see his life take a subtle—though nonetheless startling—turn to the adult when he meets the new girl in his class, Aiko Tanaka. It is then that the quiet boy learns just how fickle maintaining a relationship can be, and the surmounting difficulties of transitioning from a naïve boyhood to a convoluted adulthood. When his father assaults his mother one night, Punpun realizes another thing: those whom he looked up to were not as impressive as he once thought.

As his problems increase, Punpun's once shy demeanor turns into voluntary reclusiveness. Rather than curing him of his problems and conflicting emotions, this merely intensifies them, sending him down the dark path of maturity in this grim coming-of-age saga.

About the source material[edit | edit source]

Oyasumi Punpun was originally serialized in Young Sunday, but moved to Big Comic Spirits on October 20, 2008 (47th issue). It received a Jury Recommendation at the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards in 2009. At the time of the adaptation's announcement, the manga had already published its tenth issue.

Known Cast Members[edit | edit source]

Cancellation[edit | edit source]

Amidst the controversy surrounding a cruel prank by the Kokoro Connect staff towards voice actor Mitsuhiro Ichiki in August 2012, the studio blacklisted Takuma Terashima, who had taken a major part in said incident and was set to voice Punpun Onodera in the movie. Yōichi Tomikata, the film's director, posted on his blog on September 2, 2012 that what Terashima had done to Ichiki had no reason to be forgiven, that his actions have consequences and that "[Terashima] has left [Studio XYZ] no choice" but to officially cancel the Oyasumi Punpun adaptation.

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