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Mahōtsukai Pika (Kanji: 魔法使いピ香, literally Pika the Witch) was a 1967 TV anime pilot pitched by Kyōgo Yamashita for TV Asahi (then known as NET).


A good witch comes to relive the heart of a wealthy widower and help him look after his two children with her magic.


  • Hiroko Mori as Pika, the titular good witch.
  • Shinsuke Chikaishi as Yoshisaburō Kingetsu, a rich widower with two children who falls in love with Pika.
  • Sadako Yamada as Tappei, the Kingetsu son.
  • Fuyumi Shiraishi as Chiyoko, the Kingetsu daughter.


Yamashita was convinced that the pilot wouldn't be picked up for a full series due to its generic story which could be easily passed off as a Japanese adaptation of Bewitched, and "blasphemous" animation quality, as well as him having allegedly walked out of the room where the pilot was first shown. However, despite these negatives, TV Asahi announced that they would air the pilot on September 9 of that same year. Horrified, Yamashita hurried to the network and told them to cancel the air at the last minute, which resulted in NET pulling the show right before it aired.