Mako Kanehata (Kanji: 金畑 マコ) is the heroine in the Denki Hero Roboman franchise.

Mako is the daughter of the incredibly wealthy Kanehata family. When trouble butts in, she calls in Roboman to help him deal with it.


Mako has peachy skin and black hair in twintails. She wears a teal wristband with a light green button on her left arm, which she uses to call in Roboman.

Her "classic" outfit is a light pink blouse with one gold button (two in Chuu), a lavender skirt (purple in Chuu) and magenta thigh-length shoes.

In the 2017 anime, Mako has a severe redesign from her previous two incarnations: Her hair now has more realistic proportions and she has actual ribbons tied on her twintails instead of rings, and her casual outfit is replaced with a schoolgirl uniform.


Mako is your average teenage girl.

Unlike most heroines in past anime of the action genre, Mako actually helps Roboman fight the Akumas. This characteristic was one of the 1977 anime's major highlights of the time.


  • In the Saban dubs, she is referred to as Milly Billion.
  • Mako has an extreme fear of clowns.
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