Ren'ai no Oracle

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Ren'ai no Oracle (Kanji: 恋愛のオラクル) is an anime based on the manga of the same name written by Yuzō Ogita and illustrated by Takeaki Miyashita.


A mysterious fortune teller named Belladonna uses her mysterious card oracle to help poor humans in disgrace, tracked and taken to their abode by her faithful raven Asphodel.


  • Mamika Okuyama as Belladonna, a fortune teller.
  • Ryūsuke Horimatsu as Asphodel, Belladonna's raven who takes people in disgrace into her abode.
  • The series is narrated by Mine Yasuda.

Theme Songs


  1. "Ren'ai no Oracle (恋愛のオラクル)" by Junna Fukumoto
    Lyrics by Yuzō Ogita
    Composition by Junpei Tennō
    Arrangement by EMPIRE


  1. "Kakkoh Catastrophe! (カッコーカタストロフィ!)" by Asphodel (Ryūsuke Horimatsu) (TV only)
    Lyrics, Composition and Arrangement by Ryūsuke Horimatsu


  • Ren'ai no Oracle is Mamika Okuyama's first anime work.
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