Roboman (Kana: ロボマン) is the titular main protagonist in the Denki Hero Roboman franchise.

Throughout the 90's, Roboman was catalogued as Studio XYZ's mascot, appearing alongside Mako in manner movies shown in double-featurettes prior to the studio's OVAs and/or movies.


In his main form, Roboman is muscular and rather large in size. While he has some peachy skin, he has a light blue forehead with a red (yellow in the 2017 anime) star and two "ears" on it, and a blue antena with a green light on top of his head.

He has a blue neck (amber in the 2017 anime) reading "ROBO/ロボ" in red, he also has a teal upper body and dark blue bottom, connected by a black belt with a star for a buckle. In the 2017 anime, Roboman's bottom is entirely black.

It's worth noting that all of the aforementioned details are part of Roboman's default body, as when he transforms, only his eyes remain untouched.


Roboman is very heroic and always looks after the wellfare and happiness of those around him.


  • Roboman also appears in episode 31 of Jewel Marquise, this is because of the OVA's release matching the episode's airdate.
    • Kei Tomiyama does not reprise his role for said episode and is replaced by Kōichi Yamadera, who would surprisingly voice the character for subsequent appearances. When asked, Yamashita explained that "we felt like Tomiyama was too old to keep the role, so [the studio] just had him leave room for the further generations (Yamadera)."
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