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Taiyo Shinada (Kanji: 品田 太陽) is, alongside his brother Takuya, the current CEO of Studio XYZ since 1981.


Taiyo was born as one of twin brothers (the other being Takuya) on May 10, 1958 in the Yotsuya Area of Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Taiyo is regarded within the studio as the more "bashful" of the two Shinada brothers. Amongst his favorite pastimes is goofing around the studio when he thinks no one's looking. However, studio employees often take notice of it, so he's almost always credited as production assistant (制作進行), with the exception of Bulldog Boys, Dame Oyaji, Fuhai Karada and WiTCH, which are personal requests from Taiyo himself, as he doesn't like the themes presented in such productions.

The same thing was done for some of Hatsuko Koshita's works, as he had always found her "creepy". The only small exception being TonPonCon 90.

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