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Tomoko Sasaki (Kana: ササキトモコ) is a Japanese composer, screenwriter & voice actress.

She is the main composer of the NiGHTS series most notable for composing and writing the lyrics for its main theme, "Dreams Dreams." She also provides voice work on occasion, such as the voice heard in the Sonic Team 1996 jingle, the various Chao types throughout the Sonic series and part of the chorus in Feel the Magic XY/XX. Sometime around the release of NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, she left the company and has since joined Tokioheidi Works, through which she contributed to titles such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the Xbox 360 version of DeathSmiles II X.

Though she left Sega in the late '00s, she remained affiliated with them through the Serani Poji unit she created with vocalist Yukichi and producer Yukihiro Fukutomi, which spanned a handful of albums based on the fictional character of the same name from Roommania #203.

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  • The alias Tomoko Sasaki was credited by for her first game with Sega (Maguro) was used as a cheat code in Ristar (another game Sasaki worked on) that fully unlocked the game's sound test and added a filter (aka Onchi Mode) to the game's music.