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Torisuke Takada (Kanji: 鷹田 鳥丞) is one of the three main characters in Riyūnaki Hangyaku Bulldog Boys and its 2016 film version.


Torisuke has slick black hair, black eyes, a short beard and a hay straw in his mouth.

He wears his school uniform, unbuttoned like the rest of the Bulldog Boys.


Torisuke is slick and serves as the brains of the group. His speciality is quick thinking, he's very smart and besides his relation to the Bulldog Boys, he's known for getting some of the school's highest grades.

Despite his skyrocketing IQ, he has one big weakness: he has a strong fear of talking to pretty girls. His crush Rina Kibe often uses his gynophobia to her advantage by actively flirting with him.

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