XYZ-tan (Kana: XYZたん), real name Moeko Shinada (Kanji: 品田 萌子) is a moe anthropomorphism of Studio XYZ and, as of 2003, the studio's current mascot.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

XYZ-tan has light brown hair and blue eyes, she wears a white headband with the Studio XYZ logo on it. Her outfit is a short-sleeved sailor fuku with the collar colored akin to the Studio XYZ logo. She wears a blue skirt and black shoes.

When the Studio XYZ logo changed in 2006, so did XYZ-tan's appearance, slightly. While continuing to sport the Studio XYZ colors, her sailor fuku now has pink sleeves and the bow was recolored from purple to yellow. Also added to her appearance are two rings on her arms, modeled after Mako Kanehata's ribbons.

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